Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vietnam Storm

That last typhoon just kept going straight and hit Vietnam. It never even came close to here. By the time it hit Vietnam it was downgraded. Most of the damage was reported in the Philippines. They’ve had a pretty bad year with storms and floods. I don’t know how much more they can take.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vietnam Typhoon

Another typhoon is hitting the Philippines right now. They’re expecting it to either go straight to Vietnam or turn toward Hong Kong. This is the first full size typhoon since May that’s supposed to still be a typhoon when it hits.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Tub part 3

Lily & I spent the night at my apartment while Ryan & Kevin were at the big house. We talked about that night last week in the hot tub. Both of our boyfriends wanted more, but neither of us were willing to go there.

We talked about how we could’ve given them a better show. While all the kissing was pretty hot, our hands pretty much stayed above the waist. I grabbed her boob a little and she sucked my nipple – that’s pretty hot – but we could’ve let the guys see some downstairs action. We’ve already seen each other naked – we practically live together – but we never got naked in that hot tub. Just taking off our bottoms would’ve made the guys very happy. We didn’t even take off our tops.

Lily told me that she’s gone down on a girl before and she could probably do it again under the right circumstances. I just don’t know if I could – but if I let her lick me in that hot tub that would’ve given the guys a night they’ll never forget. Only everybody would see me naked then. Ryan always says that’s my biggest hurdle to realizing my full sexuality – I need to be more comfortable naked around other people. I’m ok one on one, but if more people are around I’m uncomfortable. I’m happy to let others get naked.

Lily & I were fully clothed during this entire discussion, but when I told the story to Ryan I was wearing one of his t-shirts & boy shorts and Lily was wearing my Julianna Rae lace camisole & matching panties.

At least I never said there was a pillow fight.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Europe Vacation part 3

We’ve decided to go to Europe. It’s less expensive to go there from Hong Kong than it is from home and we both want to go. It’s also very different from Asia so we’ll really get some time away.

Now we just have to decide where in Europe to go.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Tub part 2

Back to the other night in the hot tub.

Lily & I kissed like 10 year olds. Ryan & Kevin were disappointed. After some time and a few more drinks we kissed for real. While we were making out I could see Ryan pull out his cock and start jerking off. It was underwater so it wasn’t that obvious, but you could still tell. I couldn’t see Kevin the way we were sitting, but Lily told me later that he jerked off also. There was some boob action and Lily had my nipple in her mouth at one point, but nobody got to 3rd base.

The next day Ryan & I had an argument about how unadventurous I am. He wanted things to go a lot farther that night, but I’ve never done that much with a girl before – for me it was all very adventurous. He thought it wasn’t what it could have been – I thought it was a pretty big deal.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Tub part 1

We were all in the hot tub at Lily & Kevin’s house a couple nights ago – Ryan, Lily, Kevin & me. Ryan’s been spending a lot of time in their hot tub and pool. Kevin gets to it after work and on weekends. Lily & I go when we can. We all want to take advantage of this beautiful house while we still can. From the hot tub there’s a great ocean view and sitting in there soaking with a nice drink after a long day is just the greatest thing in the world.

We were soaking up the water and scenery as usual when something different happened. Kevin suggested that Lily & I kiss each other. We’re pretty close friends, but we’re not that close. Ryan told me later that he & Kevin talked about it earlier. They wondered what we did when we’re alone together in the apartment and since they’re guys their imaginations went a little crazy. They wanted to see how far we’d go and how much we’d let them watch. Things never went as far as they hoped, but it was more than I expected.

I’ll tell the rest later. I have to go out right now.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Europe Vacation part 2

We’re talking about where to go on our big vacation. We talked about going back home, but decided we should go somewhere else. We’ll probably go home for Christmas anyway.

We’re not going to live in Hong Kong forever and when we leave we’ll go back home. Now that we’re here and have the opportunity we should go somewhere that would be harder to go to from home. Japan or Thailand makes sense, but we both want to get out of Asia. It’s all very interesting and different, but sometimes you need something different.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clear Water Bay House

Ryan’s been spending a lot of time at the house where Lily & Kevin are staying. I don’t go as much because I work more hours than he does. It’s also kind of difficult to get to. Getting from our apartment to work is a quick bus ride to the orange line and then a transfer at Sunny Bay to the Disney line. You can also take the red line to Lai King and transfer to the orange line, but that takes a little longer. The fastest way to get to Lily & Kevin’s house from Disney is to take the orange line all the way to Central, transfer to the blue line, transfer to the purple line at North Point or Quarry Bay and take the purple line all the way to Po Lam. From there you take a taxi to the house. The bus lines don’t go close enough – most people who live there have cars.

Since Lily works as much as I do and it would take her forever to get to work she’s been staying at our apartment. Kevin mostly works at an office building in Wan Chai – that’s easy to get to from the house. Ryan & Kevin don’t go to Disney as much so they’re mostly staying at the house.

It’s been kind of weird not really living with Ryan. We’ve been living together a long time and this is the most time we’ve spent apart in Hong Kong. It’s also been really fun living with another girl.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taiwan Typhoon

There’s a storm off the coast of the Philippines that’s headed toward Hong Kong. It’s still small and they’re not really expecting it be anything big. Right now they’re saying Taiwan will probably block us from it.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Europe Vacation part 1

We have a vacation coming up in October. We just took a trip to Macau in April, but that was really just a weekend trip. This will be a full vacation.

Now we just have to decide where to go.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Party

We went to a party for the fourth at Lily & Kevin’s house. It’s not really their house – they’re housesitting for Kevin’s boss – but they’ll be living there for a month. Maybe they shouldn’t be throwing parties in someone else’s house, but it’s a really nice place. It’s a huge house with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms all with bathtubs, a huge kitchen with a real oven and lots of counter space, an outdoor terrace with a cooking area, pool and hot tub overlooking an incredible view of the eastern islands and the Pacific Ocean. There are big windows all around the house and you get great views of the water everywhere. It’s absolutely nothing like the apartments where I live. I’m used to seeing dirty little blocks of square housing. This is a real house – more American than Chinese.

There were fireworks all over the place. I don’t know if they did anything special for the 4th of July or if it was just the usual fireworks all over the place. We weren’t facing Victoria Harbour, but there was still a good show. The views from this house just couldn’t have been better.

Lily & Kevin are our best friends in Hong Kong. We all met at Disney. Lily’s a dancer and face character and usually plays Cinderella and Princess Aurora. Kevin’s a vocalist. He also works at an electronics company – it’s that boss that owns the great house.

There’s something about having a party in a luxurious house that makes you act more mature. Parties in apartments usually have too much drinking and something’s guaranteed to get broken. Parties at frat houses are just ridiculous. I used to live close to UM – those got crazy. Being in a house meant for older adults made everyone act older. It was kind of weird, but all very civilized. There was plenty of alcohol, but nobody dared throw up on the Italian leather sofa.

It was funny to see how successful adults live and then go home to our tiny Chinese style apartment. We’ve got a long way to go before we can live that lifestyle.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July 2011

Happy 4th of July! I may not be in the land of the free, but I’m there in spirit at least for today. We don’t have hot dogs and apple pie in Hong Kong, but we’ve got lots of fireworks.