Monday, October 31, 2011

Rome part 2

We’re back in Hong Kong.

That was the best vacation ever! Rome is such an amazing city. Everything was great – the food, the architecture, the food, the history, the food, the museums, the food, the parties, the food, the scenery and did I mention the food? This may go without saying – but I’ll say it anyway – Rome has some great Italian food. Italian food in Italy is a million times better than Italian food in Hong Kong. I’m sure Chinese food in Hong Kong is a million times better than in Italy. That’s one of the things I really miss about American food – it’s not just one type. In Hong Kong you eat Chinese food every day. In Italy you eat Italian food every day. In America you can eat something completely different every day.

The big surprise of the trip was Amsterdam. I was expecting windmills, tulips, pot & hookers. Amsterdam’s actually a really nice city. The quaint cobblestone streets wind around all these canals all over the place. There are all kinds of bridges and really old beautiful buildings. Rome is a big sprawling modern city and Amsterdam is an old world European town.

Our Amsterdam hotel was perfect. It’s an old building – actually several old buildings together – but the inside is clean & fresh. There were floral prints all over the place and the lobby had fresh flowers every day. They also served free coffee & snacks every day. Our Rome hotel was beautiful, but the staff seemed annoyed that we didn’t speak any Italian. Almost everybody in Amsterdam speaks English and the hotel staff was very friendly & welcoming.

Now I wish we’d spent more time in Amsterdam. I was so focused on Rome that Amsterdam turned out to be a very pleasant surprise – but we never saw any windmills.

I’ve got lots of pics I need to upload, but right now I’m gearing up for the big Halloween party tonight. When it’s busy it’s busy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rome part 1

We’re in Rome! It’s such a beautiful city – and huge! I knew we were never going to see all of it, but once you’re here you really can tell just how large this city is.

The hotel is everything I expected. It’s beautiful inside and out! It’s on a small street that quickly turns off to a larger street that goes everywhere. We can easily walk to the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, Vittorio Emanuele, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, all kinds of restaurants, tons of shopping and about a million churches.

The bathroom is smaller than our Hong Kong apartment – and that’s saying something. Hong Kong apartments aren’t known for large bathrooms. Ryan didn’t know what the bidet was. I had to show him how to use it. There is no bathtub – just a shower that is way too small for 2 people. That’s a disappointment. We don’t have a bathtub in Hong Kong either and I miss taking baths together. At least in our apartment we can both squeeze into the shower together. There’s no way 2 midgets could fit together in the hotel shower.

Something I noticed as soon as we walked into the room was how high the ceilings are. Everything in Hong Kong is so low that I was forgetting that the rest of the world is taller.

No time to blog – I’m in Rome!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Typhoon Season

Another storm just passed through the Philippines. It’s supposed to head north toward us, but it’s not strong enough to be a typhoon yet. It might get stronger or it might get weaker. Anything’s possible with these storms. I just can’t imagine what it must be like to live in the Philippines.

This will probably be my last blog post before we go to Rome. We leave Friday and I’ve still got lots of packing to do.

The weather report in Rome looks good – sunny and warm and no typhoons!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

When in Rome

We’re leaving for Rome on Friday! I can’t believe it’s so soon – I’m so excited!

Ryan’s more excited about Amsterdam. I’m still not sure what to do about his birthday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Typhoon Nalgae

Typhoon Nalgae just hit the Philippines. It’s a category 4 – over 100mph – so you never know what it’s going to do. It could go straight to Vietnam, it could hit southern China or it could hit Hong Kong. Nobody really knows.