Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ryan in China Again part 1

Ryan’s on his way to China again. His band is going back to the club where he worked before. Only this time they’re staying a lot longer.

I’m really not sure how that’s going to work out. We’ve never been apart for very long and I’ve never seen a long distance relationship that worked. It’s not really that far away – it only takes an hour to fly there, but I need a visa to go there. I’m going to get one since I’ll be going there sooner or later. He doesn’t need a visa to come back here, but they’re going to be working practically every night so it won’t be easy for him to come here.

Before we went to the airport Ryan talked about getting a blowjob on the airport express. We’ve been on it a few times when there wasn’t anyone else in the same car as us. Sometimes it’s very crowded and sometimes there’s almost no one. It’s possible to do that sort of thing without anyone seeing you – there are a million cameras in the stations, but no cameras in the train itself.

I can see why blowing Ryan on his way to go live & work in another country away from me is a good idea. I think a blowjob goodbye lasts longer than a kiss goodbye. But the rest of his band went with us to the airport, so that wasn’t going to happen. I don’t need an audience – and these are the kind of guys who would want to join in. That’s definitely not going to happen. One of the other girlfriends was with us, so it would’ve turned into a goodbye orgy. There’s a thin line between making a guy miss you while he’s gone and getting him so worked up that he can’t control himself.

We had wild animal sex last night so I think we’re covered.

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