Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My First Real Movie part 6

I did my reshoot and everything went great. I liked shooting in a studio better than at a real restaurant. It just seemed more like a movie to me in the studio. In the restaurant it was like a bunch of people playing pretend.

We did hair & make up in an actual dressing room. That seemed more professional than what we did in the back of the restaurant.

My part was mostly the same – there were some minor changes now that they already filmed the fight scene. We also did it all in fewer takes. The star seemed more confident. Maybe because we were in a studio, maybe because he already did his big part. Maybe he just wasn’t as intimidated by me anymore!

They also added a line that takes place after the fight. We filmed that right after the beginning part. I thought my line was kind of stupid, but what do I know? Enough, I guess because the director didn’t like it either. After we did 1 take he said he didn’t want to use it. So now I’m back to only having the beginning part. I went from 2 lines before the fight to 2 lines before & 1 line after, back to just the 2 before. Easy come, easy go.

The director thanked me for coming in to do the reshoot and I went home. The whole thing took a little over 3 hours.

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