Monday, March 18, 2013

New Neighbor part 2

I forgot to tell Lily & Kevin about the new neighbor. Sometimes they sleep in the bedroom and sometimes I do. We’ve been keeping the curtains open all the time since everyone else keeps theirs closed. I don’t know if they close them when they’re having sex. It never really mattered before, but now that we have a neighbor who keeps his open, they might be giving a free show.

We don’t have floor to ceiling windows like the new neighbor, but it’s actually 2 windows next to each other that gives a pretty good view – if you could see anything other than the building next door.

If he is watching them do it he’s probably wondering why there are sometimes 2 foreigners and sometimes a different foreigner all by herself. Sometimes Lily & I sleep in the bed together. I can only imagine what he thinks is going on here.


  1. yeah watch out just in case this neighbor could be a perve! This could be a peep show for him..

  2. I caught my neighbours having anal sex one time with the curtains open and although it was nice+sexy+dangerous for me to watch, be aware that people in Asia like to take pictures/videos.

    I've seen men trying to take upskirt pictures at the bus stop!

  3. I dont think he notices us at all. We'd know if he was taking pictures. We can see into his room easier than he can see into ours.

  4. through any window you can see quite alot of what happens outside.. just be careful.

  5. We can't see much outside our window.


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