Monday, April 1, 2013

My Agent part 2

I met my new agent. He seems like a nice person. The image of Hollywood agents isn’t much better than lawyers – everyone thinks they’re leeches who lie, cheat & steal to get whatever they want – but that’s America. Chinese culture is different. There’s plenty of lying, cheating & stealing, but they’re much more polite when they do it. This guy seems genuinely interested in getting me parts – and he should be. He found me – I didn’t find him.

One of the things I liked best about him was that he speaks English. Lots of people in Hong Kong say they speak English, but I have a hard time understanding some of them. I can’t complain – their English is better than my Chinese – but I would never claim to speak English if no one who speaks English could understand me. His English is great.

He says that being American will help and hurt me. I always assumed it was a plus since I don’t look like most of the other girls here. The problem is that in Chinese culture they want people who look like everyone else. Conformity is the thing – being unique is frowned upon.

The good news is that the younger generations of Chinese people like being different. They go out of their way to dress differently and get crazy hairstyles – just like any other country. In the film community, that means there are lots of rising actors, producers & directors who don’t want to look and act like everyone else. They’ll be more interested in me than most of the older filmmakers. Of course, I’m not the only foreign actress here – and now that I have an agent we’ll probably always be up for the same parts – but at least with Americans you get a wider variety of looks & styles – and if they want a blond, I can wear a wig. There’s nothing I can do to look Chinese.

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