Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cruise part 2

Ryan & I have been talking about nothing but this cruise non-stop. Most people take months to book a cruise. We’re doing it in a week. We don’t have any advance notice because Ryan’s filling in for a friend, so he’ll get paid to be on the ship. I won’t. I’ll be a regular paying passenger.

Ryan was going to come to Hong Kong a few days before the cruise so we could spend some time together, but now he’s not. He’s already taking a lot of days off work – 10 days for the cruise and we’re spending an extra 2 days in Bangkok at the end of the cruise. Now he’s just going to fly into Hong Kong right before he has to go to the ship. That means we won’t see each other at all since I’m working a lot right now since I’m also taking time off work to go on the cruise. I also took a lot of time off after the accident.

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