Friday, September 6, 2013

Dancing in the Rain part 2

I was lying on the pool deck naked in the rain. My ankle was throbbing in pain and no one else was home. After I stopped crying and imagining my entire career flushed down the toilet, I thought about how to get myself from the rainy pool deck into the dry house. Standing up was out of the question. My foot felt like a heavy weight strapped to my body.

Standing up would have been extremely difficult. Walking into the house would have been impossible. I was maybe 20 feet from the door, but it might as well have been 20 miles. I decided to wait a while and see if the pain subsided enough so that I could get into the house.

After a while I got pretty tired of lying on the floor in the rain. Being naked in the rain is great for the first few minutes. The rain feels refreshing on your skin. It’s like taking an outdoor shower. I love outdoor showers. Lying helpless on the floor in the rain is less exciting. The constant rain plummeting onto your body gets pretty annoying after a while.

The way I saw it, I had 3 choices. I could crawl to the door and drag myself inside. Crawling naked on the deck floor didn’t seem like a great idea. I would have gotten enough cuts, scratches and scrapes all over my body that I would’ve forgotten about my ankle. In a life or death situation I would have done it, but this was a bum ankle.

My second choice was to call an ambulance. That quickly seemed like the worst choice. They had no way to get inside the house. They would have had to break down a door. Not to mention the mess they would have made going from the front door out to the pool deck and then bringing me back out the front door. I was just a guest in this house. I wasn’t prepared to cause so much damage. I’m also not sure how Chinese paramedics react to finding naked white girls in the rain. I don’t need those pictures on someone’s Facebook page.

My third choice was to call someone else. Anyone without a key would have to break their way in. Only Lily & Kevin had their own keys.

Lily was at work. It would have taken her at least an hour to get to me – probably longer. She would have to find an excuse to leave work early first. They really don’t like it when we leave early. Your best friend is lying naked in the rain on the pool deck isn’t the best excuse, but it just might be one they’ve never heard before.

I knew who I had to call.


No hate, please. There's enough of that in the world already.