Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fourth of July 2014

Sometimes nothing works out the way you want it to no matter how hard you try. Sometimes everything just falls into place and all the stars align when you’re not even trying.

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything’s ok
And everything’s going right
Life has a funny way of helping you out
When you think everything’s gone wrong
And everything blows up in your face.

Every year, usually during the summer, Kevin’s boss goes out of town and Kevin looks after his house at Clear Water Bay. While Kevin lives there, Lily and I tag along. Mainly because it’s a really nice house. This tradition started back when we lived in a tiny little 1 bedroom apartment, so sleeping in a large 4 bedroom house was a nice way to spend the summer. The big house has a lot of things that our old apartment never had, like more than enough bedrooms, a private bathroom for everybody, a real kitchen, a pool and hot tub, a large outdoor pool deck and plenty of space.

Now we have a much larger apartment and we’re not nearly as crowded as we were in the old apartment. We’re still all staying at the big house, though. The new apartment has plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms, a nice kitchen and far more space than the old apartment. But it doesn’t have a private pool or that beautiful pool deck. It also doesn’t have amazing views of the ocean. The new apartment would be a great place to take a vacation from the old apartment, but the big house is still a great place to vacation from everywhere else.

Not only do we have the big house, but we have it during Fourth of July. That means a big party. This is a great house for a party and from that pool deck we can watch fireworks over the bay. Hong Kong doesn’t celebrate Fourth of July, of course, but the last time we were at the big house during this time of year, we saw fireworks for some reason. We’re not facing the harbor, so it’s not the Symphony of Lights fireworks.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Ryan will be in town. So I get to spend Fourth of July with my boyfriend at the big house. You can’t ask for much more. There’s nothing wrong with spending Fourth of July with Lily & Kevin, but they’re Canadian, so it’s not the same. They understand what it’s all about, of course, but national holidays are always better spent with people who grew up celebrating them and have all those memories. My Chinese friends like having me around during Chinese New Year, but it all means a lot more to their Chinese friends.

This looks to be the best Fourth of July in a long time.

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