Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tokyo Trip part 4

We’ve narrowed our hotel options down to the Shibuya Excel Hotel in Shibuya and the Hilton or Hyatt in Shinjuku. The two Shinjuku hotels are right next to each other and very expensive. We can get a suite at either one and have a very nice time in Tokyo. The Shibuya hotel is less expensive and doesn’t have suites, but I think it’s in a better location.

The Shinjuku hotels are farther away from the MTR – though they’re probably an easy enough walk. They’re in a very business area and I’m sure it’s a great place to stay if you’re on a business trip. Your meeting would probably be very close by, if not in the hotel itself.

Ryan & Kevin want to be closer to the non-stop nightlife. The neighborhood they want to stay in is northeast of the station, but the better hotels are west of the station. The station itself seems to be massive, so just getting from one end to the other might take a while. I don’t know how long it would take to walk from either hotel to the red light district, but in August, even 30 minutes might be too much.

The Shibuya hotel is right next to the train station. It’s actually across the street and connected by a walkway. You can probably walk from one to the other during a typhoon and never get wet. I think that’s very convenient. Typhoon or not, I’m sure we’ll use the trains a lot, so the closer we are, the better. We could also avoid the famous crosswalk, which probably gets pretty old pretty fast – especially if you have to walk through thousands of people just to cross the street.

There are practical considerations we need to think about. Tokyo, unlike Hong Kong, has Krispy Kreme. Needless to say, I’m sure I’ll go there once a day. The Shinjuku hotels are 11 blocks from the nearest Krispy Kreme. The Shibuya hotel is about a block away from the nearest Krispy Kreme. There’s another one 6 blocks in the opposite direction. Clearly, Shibuya has the advantage.

Ryan likes to get as much authentic American food as he can when we travel. Most people don’t go to Tokyo for American food, but most people who were raised on American food probably don’t live in Fuzhou either. There’s nothing close to real American food where he lives and very little where I live. Tokyo should have more options.

So far, we know about a Sizzler in Shinjuku and Outback in Shibuya. Sizzler is terrible. It’s literally killed people. I don’t know why they want it in Japan. There’s a Hard Rock Café, but that’s farther away from Shinjuku and Shibuya. McDonald’s is everywhere, but I’m not counting that because it’s crap.


  1. its been so long; Waiting for the next write up :)

  2. I'm still in Tokyo. I'll be back next week.


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