Monday, January 12, 2015

The Other New Year

Ryan and I are talking about what to do for Chinese New Year, which is in the middle of February this year. Since he came to Hong Kong for Christmas and New Year's Eve, it seems only fair that I go to China for the Chinese New Year. The problem is that it's the busiest time of year for both of us. He will definitely have to work on 農曆除夕, Chinese New Year's Eve. I do not always work New Year's Eve or even New Year's Day, but I always work at least some of the days during the holiday period. Technically, only the first 3 days are legal holidays, but the entire festival lasts about 2 weeks, from 農曆除夕 to 元宵節.

Whenever he comes to Hong Kong, he stays at the new apartment. There is plenty of room for everybody. Whenever I go to Fuzhou, we either stay at a hotel or his house – with his 4 roommates. Naturally, I would rather stay at a hotel. I kind of like privacy. But Chinese New Year is the worst time to stay at a hotel in China. They fill up quickly and are usually far more expensive. I always have to pay the extra foreigner price in China, but during the New Year, everyone pays extra. If we are going to book a room, we have to do it now. It might already be too late.

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