Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Paris Diary part 1

Day 1
12°, cloudy in the morning but sunny the rest of the day.

Lily & I arrived in Paris, along with our roommate, whom we met on the ride from the airport. We were taken to the beautiful apartment that we would all share for the next month. This apartment had everything we needed, but best of all, it had three bedrooms and three bathrooms. I like having roommates, but I love having my own bathroom.

Lily & I went to Notre Dame and walked around the 5th arrondissement while our roommate took a nap. It was a long flight, but there would be time to sleep later.

We went to the Eiffel Tower because you have to. We would end up seeing it a lot in the next month, but we figured we might as well go up to the top on our first day. We also did a quick walk through the Louvre since it was on the way back to the apartment. More or less. We spent more time there later.

Dinner was at a nice restaurant with terrace views of Jardin du Luxembourg followed by a leisurely walk around the Latin Quarter.

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