Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paris Diary part 5

Day 5 – Easter Sunday
12°, cloudy morning, sunny afternoon.

Work and a brief visit to Église Saint-Augustin and Tour Montparnasse.

Our first attempt at grocery shopping was made difficult by the fact that it was a Sunday – when stores are typically closed in Paris, and it was Easter – when even the smaller convenience stores are closed.

Day 6
15°, sunny.

We made up for our grocery blunder and discovered that our apartment was surrounded by Monoprix, Franprix and Carrefour all within an easy walking distance. Our apartment had a nice kitchen and this was the first time we really used it.

After work, Lily, our roommate and I went to a fashion show. Fashion Week was over, but there were still a few lower profile fashion shows throughout the city. I've never cared about fashion, but Lily was curious and our roommate was into it.

After the fashion show, we had dinner at a forgettable little restaurant. We had some great meals in Paris, but not every single place is going to be the best. Like any other city, Paris has plenty of mediocre and even terrible places to eat.

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