Saturday, July 4, 2015

Paris Diary part 20

Day 24
22°, sunny day, cloudy at night.

After work, I spent the afternoon wandering around the cape. I went to Chapelle de la Garoupe and the lighthouse, with the views on the hill, and made my way south and downhill to the postcard sentier du littoral.

There are some great walking trails around the southern tip of the cape. Given enough time and energy, you could walk from Chemin de la Garoupe at that little nothing beach all the way to Anse de l'Argent Faux and the very end of the cape without ever crossing a street with cars. All you need are some good walking shoes that can get wet, a bottle of water and a good deal of stamina. I should have started earlier in the morning, but I had no idea that I was even going here until I went.

Dinner was at La paillote blanche, a fancy restaurant on the Vallauris side of Golfe Juan. Every restaurant we went to on the gulf was for the tourists and food snobs. It was the tiny restaurants on tiny side streets that had the best food, where the owners made our food and spent time with us. At the big fancy restaurants, the owners were not the chefs and were probably rarely in the building. It's like going to Starbucks instead of a neighborhood barista. This place was not bad by any means, but there were better options. I liked the location. It was on the beach, so we could feel and smell the sea while we ate. That always makes any meal better.

This was our last night in Antibes, so Lily & I made sure to use that big hot tub while we still could. We were going back to Paris the next day, which isn't such a bad deal, but there was no hot tub or swimming pool at our Paris apartment.

Day 25
20°, cloudy, light rain at night.

I had breakfast at Le Goût-Thé, a wonderful little bagel shop near the marina in Antibes. This was the kind of small café/bakery that would do very well in Hong Kong, but no one ever opens anything like it.

Lily & I left Antibes after work and arrived in Paris in time for dinner. We went back to Sixieme Sens, the restaurant we went to on our second night in Paris. The owner either recognized us from our first visit or he was simply friendly to everyone. He treated us as well on this night as he had 3 weeks earlier.

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