Tuesday, October 20, 2015

No Rain

Before I went to Taipei last weekend, there was talk of a typhoon hitting the Philippines. That's nothing unusual. The Philippines gets hit by typhoons more often than politicians take a vacation. If not for the Philippines, most of those typhoons would hit Hong Kong. So those of us who live here should be grateful it's there.

When I landed in Taipei, the typhoon went from a category 1 – which is the smallest – to a category 4 – which is pretty high. It turned out to be bigger than the experts expected, but it kept its course and hit the Philippines. There was no evidence that a typhoon was anywhere nearby when I was in Taipei, other than a little wind.

After I went back home, the typhoon swerved north and headed for Taiwan. It should be rainy for the next few days, but most of the storm has died down.

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