Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tokyo Birthday

Lily & I are going to take a little trip to Tokyo. We haven't taken a vacation together since we went to Tokyo last year. Our last big trip was Paris, but that wasn't a vacation. We just went to Taipei last month, but that was a weekend in a city an hour away.

We both managed to get a few days off at the same time and wanted to go somewhere close, but definitely outside of China. Tokyo is an inexpensive and easy trip, and Japan is not at all Chinese. It might seem strange to call Tokyo inexpensive since it is such an expensive city, but flights from Hong Kong are cheap and only take about 4 hours. We thought about Thailand and Korea, which are also pretty close, but went with Tokyo for a variety of reasons.

Neither of us has been to Korea. We would both like to go some day, but since we've never been there, we would have to look up too much information for a quick and easy trip. We know what we need to do for Tokyo, and already looked into a few different neighborhoods before we went the last time.

Thailand is pretty easy and cheaper than Tokyo, but we like the weather in Tokyo better. Thailand is always hot & humid. The only change of seasons are from wet to dry. The wet season just ended, so we wouldn't have to worry about too much rain, but we both like actual seasons. If we want hot & humid, we can stay in Hong Kong. It won't snow in Tokyo while we're there, but at least it will be noticeably cooler. We'll probably be in Hong Kong all winter, so this might be our only chance to go somewhere that gets cold.

We're not actually taking the trip for my birthday. That's only a coincidence. We'll both be working a lot more during Christmas/New Year, so now is the time to go somewhere. After the New Year, which I think is in February next year, we'll have more time to take a bigger trip.

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