Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lily's Dad part 6

Lily's father died today. I wish I could say it came as a surprise, but he was headed downhill for a while. Lily is devastated. He meant the world to her and now she has to deal with all of that. It can't be easy. She's an adult who lives away from home, but she's still too young to lose a parent.

I'm going to Winnipeg for the funeral. I never met him, but I'm going to be with Lily. I won't lose my job over it because I'll only be there for a few days. Had I gone earlier to spend time with her, who knows when I would have come back. This time, they know when I'm scheduled to work again.

I don't know when Lily's coming back. She'll probably stay a while to deal with all the family things you have to deal with when your father dies. I don't know how long that takes. I'd love to bring her back with me, but that's not going to happen. I'd also love for her to still have a job when she comes back, but that's pretty much unlikely at this point.

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