Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jerusalem Hotel 1545

I'm back in Jerusalem. I'm at the same hotel, looking at the same view out the window. I'm in a different room, but facing the same direction.

It started to rain in Jerusalem as soon as I left, but it's back to sunny & warm now. The funny part is, it looks like it might rain in Tel Aviv right now, but it was bone dry the entire time I was there. Wherever I go in this country, it's sunny & hot. It only cools off when I go somewhere else.

We're doing my very last scene today. That's the only reason I'm back in Jerusalem. That's the only reason I'm still in the country. They kept me around for one little scene with a few lines of dialogue. It should be a quick shoot and then I'm done. The rest of the cast & crew still have work to do, but this is it for me.

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