Monday, May 16, 2016

On Set 1200

We're still on location, still shooting. It's only been 6 hours, so I can't complain yet. All the waiting around makes it seem longer. I don't really know what the crew does with all their wires and big boxes, but it looks like exterior shots are more work than interior.

We're at a park that's right next to another park. They're close to each other, but look very different. One park has a lot of walking paths surrounded by trees. Our park has a rolling water fountain and is across the street from the Old City. You can't see the Old City from the first park because of the trees, but you can definitely see it from this park. There's a giant wall right here. It's hard to miss.

It looks like they're setting up for some kind of show outside the wall. I bet it's not going to be Roger Waters.

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