Monday, May 16, 2016

On Set 1800

I went to a very nice Georgian restaurant for lunch. It's called Racha and it's just across Jaffa Street from my hotel, near Zion Square. I was a little concerned about where to find food before I came here, but now I see it everywhere. Jerusalem is a big city full of people who love to eat.

I had some badrijani, pkhali, lobiani and all kinds of condiments I've never heard of before. I don't know anything about Georgian restaurants, but this one was pretty good. There was a lot of dill, mint, marjoram and thyme in everything, and that's fine with me.

Right now I'm at a house where we're filming an interior scene. It's a very different atmosphere from the park scenes. Everyone is more relaxed and we all seem to be moving at a slower pace. I don't know who owns the house, but I get the impression that we could stay here all night if we wanted to. The park was a public place that was very much open when we were there. I don't think we have the budget to close down a park. I don't even know if we were authorized to be there.

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