Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Eve 2016

A lot of people are glad to be rid of 2016. It was a strange year politically and a pretty terrible time for celebrity deaths. Plus, we had zika, bird flu and more terrorist attacks than the world needs. I read somewhere that 2016 was the most violent year for Europe. That's ridiculous. They had a couple of world wars that were pretty deadly, not to mention a million other wars since the beginning of time. If you live outside of Syria and Iraq, chances are, your life is far safer, richer and healthier than your grandparents'.

It was a pretty good year for me. My career went places I never expected. I took a few trips to Israel and my first trip to Canada in the longest time. That was for my best friend's father's funeral, unfortunately, but it's always nice to spend some time up in the Great White North. I'm pretty sure I wrote a book in 2016. There must be excerpts of it somewhere.

I started dating for the first time since I was a teenager. It's too early to say how well that's going, but it's definitely different. This isn't the way we did things in high school.

2016 was yet another year in which Paul McCartney refused to acknowledge the existence of China, but I saw Elton John's Wonderful Crazy Night. That was a pretty good outdoor show. Ironically, he let the sun go down on him. It wasn't very crazy, but it was a wonderful night.

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