Tuesday, May 2, 2017


During my brief trip to Tokyo, I stayed at the Hotel Monterrey Hanzomon in Ichibancho. It's a quiet little hotel on a quiet little street. But it's also right in the middle of Tokyo, just next to the Imperial Palace. Walking down the street, it feels like Tokyo, but without all the noise and crowds.

The benefit to being in a tiny residential neighborhood is that it's quiet day and night. The downside is that there's not much nearby. The metro is right across the street, so getting around the city is easy, but I'm used to staying in Shibuya, where you have everything you need around you. You don't really need the metro.

There's a nice little bakery just down the street and a tiny grocery store across the street from that. In the other direction is a tiny produce store and a larger grocery store. The hotel is also between a 7/11 and Family Mart, of course. That might not sound like much, but 7/11 in Japan is a million times better than 7/11 in China. Chinese 7/11 is convenient, but Japanese 7/11 actually has food you can eat. In Shibuya, it wouldn't matter. There's food in every direction. But in Ichibancho, it's nice to have a 7/11 nearby.

The hotel itself was nothing exciting. It's a standard business hotel with all of the usual amenities. Since it's in Japan, it's exceptionally clean and the service was polite and efficient. I have no complaints about the hotel, but I'll probably never stay there again. I like Tokyo to be loud and bustling. But if you want a calm neighborhood in the middle of the storm, this is a good choice.

I can't really say, but my impression was that Ichibancho is more like a smaller city in Japan. That's only an assumption on my part since I've only been to Tokyo, but the neighborhood around the hotel felt like a smaller suburb. I'll need to go to Hiroshima or Nagasaki to make sure.


  1. Love to visit japan someday although I hear it's very expensive. Are you travelling in a group?

  2. Tokyo is reasonable compared to other giant cities. It's all about how you want to spend money. Tourist food and tourist hotels always cost more, but you can eat for a few dollars if you look around and go where the locals go.

    I never go on group tours. I'd rather just travel with 1 or 2 other people, but I can go alone if that's the way it works out. Going with a group, especially with a Chinese travel guide, is the worst way to go.


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