Monday, August 29, 2011

Typhoon Nanmadol part 2

Typhoon Nanmadol just slammed into Taiwan. There are reports of all kinds of damage and a few people died.

Nanmadol has already hit land twice, but it just keeps going – and it’s coming straight toward Hong Kong. Since it’s already hit land twice it’s gotten a lot weaker. It went from category 4 to category 1 – that’s the lowest category that you can still call yourself a typhoon.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Typhoon Nanmadol

Here comes another one.

Typhoon Nanmadol and its 90 mph winds are headed toward either Hong Kong or Taiwan. It already hit the Philippines, but just kept going. They’re supposed to get pretty weak after they hit land, but Nanmadol doesn’t want to quit.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Europe Vacation part 8

I can’t wait for your big trip to Rome. I think about it all the time. I’m dying for some real Italian food. People keep telling me about good Italian restaurants in Hong Kong, but every time I go to one it’s never as good as I want it to be. It’s very hard to get authentic food that isn’t Asian around here. Hong Kong has such a wide variety of people from all over the world, but all the restaurants have at least some element of Asian influence in them. I guess the tourists don’t come to Hong Kong to eat American or European food, but I think it would be nice to have a few real non-Asian restaurants for the rest of us. I like Chinese food, but I’ve been eating it every day for 7 months. I’d like a little variety now and then.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Europe Vacation part 7

I’m slowly accepting the fact that we’ll have to go to a travel agent to get plane tickets to Rome. I didn’t want to do that – these Chinese travel agents don’t seem very trustworthy to me. Everything is a package deal – they don’t want you to just get plane tickets. They also try to sell hotel rooms, guided tours, shopping sprees, almost anything. I just want plane tickets.

I’ve heard stories about some of these tours they do. They take a bus full of people out to see what the tour guide wants to see and then dump everyone at some shopping area where the owners pay the guides to bring in the tourists. I’m going to Rome. I want to see what I want to see. Some group tour in Chinese isn’t what I’m looking for. I’m sure I’ll do plenty of shopping – more than Ryan wants – but my kind of shopping isn’t the same as a bunch of old Chinese people shopping.

I’ve also heard that the tour guides take everyone’s passports and don’t give them back until all the shopping is over. That’s completely unacceptable. My passport stays with me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Europe Vacation part 6

Finding plane tickets to Rome isn’t easy. So far the cheapest thing I’ve seen online is $2,080. That one stops in Paris, but there’s no time to see anything since the next flight leaves 2 hours later. There don’t seem to be any non-stop flights from Hong Kong to Rome. That’s weird since Hong Kong airport is huge and flights seem to go everywhere – everywhere except Rome. There are flights to Doha & Dubai – which I don’t even know if we’d need visas to go to – but nothing to Rome.

If we want we can fly Hong Kong to Frankfurt to Athens to Rome for $8,250. Why would anyone do that when you can do it for a lot less in only one stop? All those extra stops makes the total flight time 28 hours! That’s just crazy. It’s probably faster to just fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Rome.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Europe Vacation part 5

Finding a hotel has been difficult. There are too many choices! I think I found a good one. It’s a smaller boutique hotel – I don’t want to stay in a huge chain hotel. Ryan doesn’t care as long as it’s not too expensive. Well, this is Rome. The good hotels are going to be expensive. The cheap hotels are, well, cheap. This is a major vacation for us and I don’t want to be stuck in some crappy hotel. The one I picked is on a quiet little street and looks like an old European hotel.

The pictures on the website look good, but you never know. I’ve been looking around a while now and I’ve seen some horrible pictures. Some hotels just look like boxes with a bed against the wall. My hotel looks beautiful – well decorated with lots of color. I just hope that’s what it really looks like.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Europe Vacation part 4

We’re going to Rome! We both made a list of places in Europe we wanted to see and Rome was the highest one on both of our lists. It wasn’t #1 for either of us – Ryan’s #1 was Amsterdam and mine was Paris – but I’m more than willing to take Rome. When I pointed out that we could get into Paris Disneyland for free Ryan said that the last thing he wants to do on vacation is go to Disneyland. He’s got a point. I’m not sure I’d want to go there either if I’m in Paris. There are just too many better things to do.

We don’t speak any Italian, but that’s ok. We barely speak any Chinese, but we’ve been living in Hong Kong for 6 months. I’m sure we’ll survive 2 weeks in Rome with our Americano accents.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Typhoon Muifa

Typhoon Muifa decided not to hit Hong Kong after all. It went back north again and they’re expecting it to hit China or Korea. Another storm followed the same path into Korea in June. That one caused a lot of damage, but they’re saying this one will get pretty weak by the time it hits land.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Clear Water Bay part 2

So we’re all in the hot tub – I’m topless and Lily’s bottomless. I thought Lily was the brave one for going bottomless, but sitting in the hot tub nobody could see anything. She could’ve been wearing pants for all we could tell. I was the one who was more exposed. When I first sat down my boobs were underwater, but just barely. Everyone could still see plenty. Later they could see even more.

Ryan & I started kissing each other while Lily & Kevin were kissing. It wasn’t long before Ryan was all over my boobs. Put naked boobs in his face and what do you expect? I had to sit up a little because I didn’t want Ryan to drown and that meant letting the girls out of the water. My concerns were for nothing since Kevin was completely focused on Lily. Their faces were joined together and you could tell that Lily’s hand was in Kevin’s trunks. I could’ve been dancing on Ryan’s head for all they knew.

Pretty soon Kevin’s trunks were off and thrown out of the hot tub. He sat on the edge of the hot tub and Lily’s face was in his lap. All Ryan & I could see was her head bobbing up & down. I knew it would only be a second before Ryan wanted to do the same thing, but I wasn’t ready to blow my boyfriend in front of other people – even if they weren’t paying any attention. I sat on Ryan’s lap – making it very difficult for him to go anywhere. Now my boobs were really out of the water, but I was facing away from everyone else so it didn’t matter.

Even though I was on Ryan’s lap he still managed to slip his trunks off. He was expecting more, but I wouldn’t let him take my panties off. Instead I did what every girl in the world instinctively knows how to do when she doesn’t want to have sex – I gave him a handjob. Kevin had a front row seat to everything we were doing, but Ryan’s cock was underwater so I really didn’t think about it.

The guys were more excited than I realized – Ryan came much faster than usual. What I didn’t know since I was facing the other way was that Kevin had already cum. He & Lily were sitting back and smiling at me when I turned around and sat down. We all just sat there quietly for a minute until the guys starting talking about sports.

I grabbed my boobs and got out of the hot tub. While I was putting on my wet bra Lily got out and put on her panties. We went into the house and took a shower together. We didn’t bother to tell the guys about that part. It wasn’t that kind of shower anyway.

We had already planned to spend the night since that was our last chance to stay in the house. With 4 bedrooms it wasn’t hard to find a place to sleep. It was the first time Ryan & I slept in the same bed in a while and as soon as we were in our bedroom we jumped all over each other. At one point we could hear Lily & Kevin also fucking. It’s a big house and those rooms aren’t close together. You have to wonder how loud they were. Ryan suggested inviting them in to join us, but I stopped him by shoving my pussy into his mouth. That always shuts him up.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clear Water Bay part 1

It was the last night Lily & Kevin got to stay in the big house – the owner was coming back from his big trip. That meant it was the last night for all of us to enjoy that big beautiful house, the gorgeous view, that wonderful kitchen, that luxurious pool and the infamous hot tub.

There’s a super typhoon headed toward Hong Kong, but so far the weather hasn’t been bad at all. It’s cloudy, it looks like it could rain at any minute, but so far no torrential downpours or 100mph winds.

Lily & I made dinner in that amazing kitchen. Kevin helped a little with peeling potatoes & slicing carrots. Ryan didn’t do anything because he can’t cook to save his life. After dinner we had drinks in the living room with that giant window facing the ocean. After that we went out to the terrace – we wanted to enjoy as much of the house as we could.

The guys were eyeing that hot tub and it was pretty obvious what they were thinking, but I wanted to use that pool one more time. I love swimming and it’s something I never get to do in Hong Kong. Apartment buildings with swimming pools are unheard of here. At the same time I knew what the guys wanted and it was our last night there, so instead of changing into my bathing suit I just stripped to my bra & panties and jumped into the pool. There’s no harm in throwing them a bone while I get what I want. What I was wearing gets pretty sheer when it’s wet and that’s what I was thinking, but underwater you can’t see anything.

Lily stripped down to her bra & panties and joined me in the pool while the guys fired up the hot tub. They had a few drinks while we swam our last few laps in that pool. I guess we were both thinking about giving the guys a show so we took off our bras underwater and put on each other’s – I put on Lily’s and she put on mine. We’re not exactly the same size, but close enough. Encouraged by the guys we did the same with our panties. That’s a lot harder to do underwater.

When we got out of the pool you could totally see our boobs – both of our bras were so sheer from the water. You could also see that Lily waxes her pussy even with her – my – panties on. I didn’t look down to see how much I was showing off. I felt it was better if I didn’t know. Just before I got in the hot tub I looked at Ryan, gave him a wicked grin and took off my – Lily’s – bra. My girls were out there for all the world to see – and then I got into the hot tub and under the cover of water as quickly as I could. Before Lily got in the hot tub she gave us all a wicked grin and took off her panties. You could see everything anyway. I admired how brave she was standing there bottomless. I rushed into the hot tub, but Lily took her time, letting everyone stare at her. Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy, but I couldn’t get mad – I was staring too.

When we got in the hot tub we sat next to our boyfriends instead of next to each other. I’m sure they were expecting a lesbian show, but what they got instead was even better.

I’ll finish the rest later.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Super Typhoon

Beware the super typhoons.

There’s a big one that may or may not be coming our way. It was a super typhoon when it was headed to Japan. Then it turned left and aimed straight for Hong Kong. Then it lost some steam and knocked itself down to a category 4 typhoon. That’s not a super typhoon – that’s only 100mph!

At this point they’re saying it could either hit us, get blocked by Taiwan or change direction again and go back toward Japan. Wait and see.