Monday, February 27, 2012

Taiwan Earthquake

There was a large earthquake in Taiwan yesterday. I didn’t feel it, but a friend of mine is visiting Taiwan and he said it was pretty big. Fortunately, no one was killed and it didn’t cause much damage.

People say that Taiwan is a good place to go snorkeling and there are a lot of mountains & caves to explore. Maybe I’ll go there sometime. It’s only about an hour flight. They need to keep away the earthquakes, though. I don’t like earthquakes.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We didn’t really do Valentine’s Day on Tuesday because of work, so we had a special romantic dinner Saturday instead. Ryan took me to Yun Fu in central. It’s an upscale restaurant with a combination of Chinese & western food. They had an interesting mix of east & west like lamb with chrysanthemum & sesame, braised veal with Szechuan peppers wrapped in lotus leaves, mushroom salmon with bamboo & ginger. Their wine list was huge and we really don’t know anything about wine, so we let the waiter recommend an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was a very good meal in a very nice restaurant. I have no idea what it all cost because Ryan paid for everything.

After dinner we took the Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui. Ordinarily we take the MTR, but this was a special night out so we went for the scenic route. We were going to take a walk along the waterfront, but we’ve both seen it so many times, it’s not all that special anymore.

After we got back to our apartment we made love vanilla style, just the way I like it – on the bed, with the lights down, in comfort & privacy. It was romantic, passionate and highly orgasmic. I don’t need a banana split with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, peanuts and a cherry on top when I can have a warm slice of pie. Does that make any sense?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My New Spa

I’ve been looking for a good spa that I can go to on a regular basis ever since I went to a really great one for my birthday. Hong Kong is full of spas – ranging from 5 star luxury like what I had on my birthday to cheap dives where you catch some kind of skin rash. As a dancer, it would be nice to get regular leg massages and soaks in a hot tub. I don’t need all the pampering. I can live without all the mud wraps, waterfall showers, facials and waxing. I’m just looking for a good leg massage that doesn’t cost a fortune.

A Chinese friend told me about a place in Cheung Sha Wan. The outside looks like a million other dirty buildings, but the inside is clean and professional. It’s not elaborately decorated like the luxury spa – everything is more functional than decorative. The important thing is that a simple leg massage costs about the same as a minute in the luxury spa.

The first time I went there I got a masseuse who didn’t speak any English. Most of the Chinese I know is about numbers and ordering food. I just don’t know any massage Chinese. It was really hard to communicate with her what I wanted. My needs are pretty simple, but under the circumstances I probably came across as some finicky foreigner.

My Chinese friend suggested I ask for Amy. So when I went back I asked for Amy. Luckily she was working that day. I had to wait a while since I didn’t bother to make an appointment, but she was definitely worth the wait. Amy speaks excellent English and she really knows how to knead out those muscles. She started with some deep tissue and then oiled up my legs & feet and did a great Swedish massage.

It turns out they don’t call it deep tissue or Swedish. They have Chinese names, of course, but the English terms they use are regular and oil. So even if the masseuse at my first visit spoke some English, she might not have understood me anyway. Amy also told me that when you want a leg massage you have to ask for a foot massage. Foot massages automatically include the legs.

This experience was educational and relaxing.

I’m planning on going back at least 3 times a month. I’d like to go once a week, but I’m not made of money. The next time I go, I want to see what Amy can do with my shoulders.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was headed to the bathroom and Ryan said he wanted me to pee on him. WTF?! That’s something we’ve never talked about before. I agreed to be more open about his sex fantasies, but what does peeing have to do with sex? It’s waste. Your body’s getting rid of it for a reason.

At least he didn’t want to pee on me. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle that – and I’m a little worried that’s next on his to-do list.

I’ve seen him pee before. He’s a guy – there isn’t much they love more than to whip it out and show you how they can pee standing up and write words. I’m just not impressed by the ability to write with pee. When we’re outside and he has to pee on a tree or something, I’m not patting him on the back and telling him how amazing it is that he can aim & shoot. I’m mostly trying to stay away from him so he doesn’t get any on me!

So I agreed to pee on him even though it’s kind of gross. It’s also pretty harmless. It doesn’t hurt me at all – I don’t see how it could hurt him. We were in the privacy of our apartment – if he wants me to pee on him in the middle of Nathan Rd. that’s not going to happen. I had to go anyway and it was in the bathroom – if he wanted to do it on the bed or anywhere that’s hard to clean I’d say no. I’d make him clean it up, so he wouldn’t want to anyway. He’s good at making messes, but not so good at cleaning them.

Ryan took off all his clothes and laid down on the floor – as much as you can in our tiny bathroom. Hong Kong bathrooms are very small and all tile – they’re very easy to clean. You can literally hose down the entire bathroom with the shower head. There’s no carpet anywhere. I don’t think there’s carpet anywhere in Hong Kong.

I took off my pants and panties and straddled over him. I was going to take off my shirt, but he wanted me to leave it on. As much as he likes seeing me without my top on, he loves seeing me just bottomless even more.

I had to go, but it took a little while at first. I’ve never peed on anyone before. He didn’t want me to get it on his face so at least he doesn’t want to drink it. That would be too high on the gross scale for me.

I mostly peed on his chest and a little on his cock. It’s not like I can write my name or anything. As soon as it hit his cock he got hard. That didn’t surprise me. It doesn’t take much to get Ryan hard. I’ve seen him get hard just from standing naked in front of a fan – but not too close, thankfully. A soft breeze literally made him hard!

Afterward he took a shower – thank God! I was a little worried about that. I took a shower just from what got on my feet. I can’t imagine walking around the rest of the day without washing it off. He wanted to have sex in the shower – he always does whenever we take a shower together, but our shower is barely big enough for both of us. We’ve had sex in the bathroom before, but it’s just too small and uncomfortable.

We didn’t talk about the peeing afterward. I’m hoping it’s just something he needed to get out of his system. It didn’t turn me on at all. It’s none of my business what kinky sex things other people do, but to me it just seems like an insult to get peed on.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Ryan’s decided to stay in Hong Kong on one condition – he wants me to be more open about what he called his “manly needs”. I always thought I was. I seldom say no to indoor private sex, sometimes I wake him up in the morning with a blowjob and I usually let him cum wherever he wants. Apparently he has a lot of things he wants to try and he thinks I’m holding him back.

I guess there’s some truth to that. I’m not a sexually freaky person. I’m what they call vanilla. I like committed monogamous sex. I’ll try any position at least once, but I like privacy and comfort. I’m not interested in being watched or watching other people. I’m not comfortable being naked around others. I don’t want to flash anybody. I’m afraid of being tied up or using mechanical devices. I have absolutely no desire to tie him up or use devices on him.

I understand where Ryan’s coming from. He’s at his sexual peak, he’s living in a far away exotic land and he’s got a steady paycheck coming in for the first time in his life. He gets hard at the drop of a hat. Pretty much anything arouses him. He’s stuck here with me – I’m pretty boring sexually. Don’t get me wrong, I like sex. I get aroused pretty easily, too – I just have more self-control. I’ll never ask him to go down on me in a restaurant. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. He’d love it.

Ryan also had almost no sexual experience before me. When we first met, I had a boyfriend. He only had his hand. Now that he has a lot more experience under his belt, he wants to try more and more things. He’s in an experimental stage right now. I guess he’s on a sexual journey. I’m just not sure how far he wants to go – or how far I can go with him.

I’m really worried about this. The line I won’t cross is much closer than the line he won’t cross – wherever that is. Will he always want to try things I don’t like? Will I always be so stubborn? Will I have to go farther than I want to keep him? Will he have to hold himself back to keep me? Is this all just temporary?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Year in Hong Kong

Ryan and I have been arguing back and forth about whether or not to stay in Hong Kong another year. I want to stay and he wants to go back home. Eventually he decided to just wait and see what happens.

I’ve signed another contract for another year. If Ryan doesn’t sign his contract he’s not going to have many choices. Without a job he will have to leave Hong Kong. I’m contractually obligated to stay. If he leaves, he might just have to leave without me. He should think about that.