Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going Home part 2

We finally got plane tickets for our trip back home. We’re leaving Hong Kong at 10:25am on Monday and arriving in Detroit at 1:35pm. Then we have 4 hours to sit around and wait for our 2 hour flight to Minneapolis at 5:35pm. The whole thing should take just over 21 hours. It’s pretty much the same thing we did when we first came here – only in reverse.

A flight at 10:25am means they’ll start boarding at 9:30, which means we should be at the airport by 8 – at the latest. To get there by 8 we should leave our apartment no later than 7:15 – it will be more crowded on a Monday morning. To leave at 7:15 I have to wake up at 6am – Ryan can sleep in until 6:30. I’ll be lucky to get him up at 6:45. Ryan likes to stay up late – he’s not a morning person. Sometimes he doesn’t even go to sleep until 6am. He’s really looking forward to this trip so it shouldn’t be too hard for him to wake up in time.

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