Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clear Water Bay House part 1

Kevin’s boss is taking his annual trip out of Hong Kong and has asked Kevin to watch his house at Clear Water Bay again. Of course, Kevin wants to stay there instead of my tiny apartment. It’s a huge house with everything you need – my apartment just can’t compete. I have 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom. This house has 4 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms – plenty of room for all of us. I don’t need to stay there, but Lily doesn’t want me to be alone and I don’t want me to be alone. She also doesn’t want to have to choose between staying here with me and there with Kevin.

I think it’s a great house and I’d love to stay there if I was on vacation, but it’s not very convenient for work. It’s a lot easier to get to Disneyland from my apartment than from their apartment – the house is somewhere in between. It’s farther away from Disneyland than their apartment, but you can take the MTR all the way – it’s just a lot of MTR to get there. It’s something like 6 different lines. That’s a lot of transfers when the stations are crowded. We can get there from my apartment using only 2 lines – and then that special Disneyland line. That one doesn’t really count since it takes a minute and you get those Mickey trains.

Kevin can easily get to his day job from the big house, so it makes sense that he stay there. He can also get there easily from my apartment, but the house is much better. I’d rather stay at the house if I were him.

So Kevin will stay at the big house and Lily will probably stay with Kevin. Maybe sometimes she’ll stay at my apartment when she has to go to work early. I don’t know what I’ll do. I can definitely stay there on my days off and when I go to work late, but I’m not sure if I want to stay there every day.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ryan in China Again part 6

Ryan got his skype to work, but it’s terrible. The picture is always crap, the sound goes in & out, sometimes the video turns off on its own, sometimes the whole thing disconnects on its own. We don’t know if it’s a China issue or just and internet issue. His internet isn’t very reliable either. A lot of sites are completely blocked and even when he can get on some, he gets disconnected at random.

We still talk on the phone all the time because it’s hard to talk on skype. Half the time we can’t understand each other – the sound is so bad. It would be nice to see him – isn’t that the whole point of this technology? We’ve got all the bells & whistles of the modern age and we’re still talking on the phone.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ryan in China Again part 5

Ryan sent me pix of his four story house – it’s tiny! Each floor is smaller than our apartment. It’s just a room, stairs and bathroom on each floor. At least they have 4 bathrooms – but they’re also tiny. Most one story American houses are bigger than all of this place.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I had a dream about the Simpsons last night. I think that’s weird because I never watch the Simpsons. We don’t get it here.

In my dream Homer was getting ready to go to work when Marge came out of the bathroom wearing a bright red chemise with matching red panties. It worked really well with her yellow skin and blue hair. When Homer saw her he started to drool on his tie.

Marge climbed onto the bed on all fours and Homer quickly tore his clothes off. He took Marge’s clothes off with his teeth while she rubbed his bald head. As soon as they were both naked he went down on her. Naturally she had a puffy blue crotch. While he was eating her out she screamed in that gravel Marge voice.

Homer gets tired and flops down on the bed. So Marge decides to blow him, but she has to find his cock first. It’s not very big and buried under a lot of fat. She eventually finds it and starts sucking away. Homer drools again, sprawled out on the bed while Marge goes to town.

Marge tries to mount Homer, but she can’t get at his cock with his giant stomach in the way. So they switch places and Homer gets on top of Marge. He starts to put it in but Marge can’t breathe with the weight of Homer on top of her. So they go for doggie style and Homer finally penetrates her.

Homer grabs Marge’s hips and pounds away while Marge looks kind of bored with it all. She sneezes and this excites Homer even more. He asks her to sneeze again and again until he comes. He flops back down and the bed as Marge gets up and leaves the bedroom.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryan in China Again part 4

Ryan can’t get his skype to work. Mine works fine. I called Disneyland and talked to Minnie Mouse – that’s not as strange as it sounds. I know Minnie personally. She’s more Chinese than you might expect – and she’s definitely not sleeping with Mickey. Lily & Kevin called their families. It’s all free as long as you’re calling another skype user.

Ryan can’t call me at all and mine always says that he’s offline – even when we’re on the phone and he says he’s online. I don’t know if it’s a government censorship thing or an internet thing or just some temporary problem. It would be nice if we could see each other – what’s the use of all this technology if it doesn’t work? At least we still have the phone. Sometimes old school works best.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan in China Again part 3

Ryan finally got the internet connected. Doing it in China is nothing like doing it here. In Hong Kong we simply called the phone company and they did whatever they do. They had to send a guy to our apartment which I didn’t like because he was dirty – he actually left a greasy stain on the wall! But it was all pretty easy. In China Ryan had to go to some government office and get permission to have the internet. Can you believe that? In China it’s not a basic service – it’s a privilege!

Ryan and the band are living in a house owned by the guy who owns the club where they’re working. It’s a four story house, but Ryan says it’s not nearly as big as it sounds. He says there’s just barely enough room for everyone.

Since the house is in someone else’s name they had a hard time getting the internet. The government didn’t like that the names didn’t match and the owner didn’t want to go to the government office – probably for reasons I don’t want to know about. Somehow they got everything worked out.

After the government said he could have the internet, he had to wait for the internet company to turn it on. Apparently they don’t just flip a switch. Or if they do, they take their time doing it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Living with Lily part 3

My only gripe about having Lily & Kevin here is that there’s only 1 bathroom. That would work out if Lily & I shared or Lily & Kevin shared, but our schedules work out that Kevin & I wake up at around the same time while Lily still has time to sleep. It’s easier at night since nobody’s in any hurry to get anywhere.

It’s no big adjustment to live with Kevin. I’m used to living with Ryan and living with 1 boy is like living with them all. They’re all slobs in the bathroom – and in the kitchen and anywhere really. It bothers Lily when Kevin leaves dishes in the sink, but Ryan does it all the time. Lily also complains about Kevin’s shaving stubble in the bathroom sink, but at least he shaves every day. Ryan started growing one of those stupid little goatee things the second he took some time off from Disney. I don’t like it. When he comes back from China he’s going to look like Abraham Lincoln. It’s a cliche to say that boys don’t know how to use a toilet seat, but it’s true. Cliche should have an accent, but I don’t know how to type that.

I miss Ryan, but having Lily & Kevin around makes it a lot easier.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Living with Lily part 2

I decided that Lily & Kevin should take the bed and I would sleep on the sofa – that’s what any good hostess would do. Lily wouldn’t have it. She didn’t want to put me out of my own bed – especially since they really didn’t need to stay there anyway. There’s no way 2 people can sleep on the sofa together, but plenty of room for 2 in the bed. So we decided that Lily & I would share the bed while Kevin got the sofa. He doesn’t mind. It just makes it easier for him to watch TV at night after the rest of us are asleep – there’s no TV in the bedroom.

You’d think that might interfere with their sex life, but you’d be wrong. Very late Saturday night, Lily went out to the living room and I’m pretty sure they got it on. I was mostly asleep, so I might have dreamed the whole thing, but I think it happened. It seemed loud enough to be real.

I like having them here. I don’t care if they have sex on the sofa. As long as I’m asleep in the other room they’re not hurting anybody. They can even do it in the bed – as long as I’m somewhere else. I know if it was me & Ryan at someone else’s place we’d still do it if we could.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Living with Lily part 1

Three nights alone was my limit. I’m not used to living alone and got lonely without Ryan around, so I asked Lily to stay with me while he’s in China. She didn’t want to leave Kevin alone in their apartment, so now he’s staying here, too. They’re staying at my apartment instead of me staying at theirs for 2 important reasons – it’s easier to get to everybody’s work from my apartment – especially for Kevin – and theirs is much smaller. It’s kind of funny since our apartment seems so tiny to me, but theirs is even smaller. Hong Kong is famous for tiny apartments.

Lily & I kind of lived together last summer when Ryan & Kevin were mostly living at Kevin’s bosses house. We already know that we like living together. Kevin is the question mark here.

Speaking of question marks, is it bosses? I’m pretty sure that’s plural. Words ending in -ss get -es – like guesses – since adding another -s would make 3 of the same letter in a row – guesss – and we just don’t do that. I know plural possessive would be boss’ with just the apostrophe – like girls’ room. So what’s singular possessive? Boss’s? That doesn’t look right at all. They told us to pay attention in English class, but they never told us we’d want to know it when we’re writing a blog about our best friend’s boyfriend’s boss. They also said we should learn math since we weren’t going to carry calculators around with us everywhere we went. Who doesn’t have a calculator in their phone?

Anyway, I didn’t mean for this to be an English grammar post. Believe me, no one wants to learn English from me.

I was going to say more about living with Lily & Kevin, but then I got distracted and now I’m out of time.