Monday, August 6, 2012

Living with Lily part 2

I decided that Lily & Kevin should take the bed and I would sleep on the sofa – that’s what any good hostess would do. Lily wouldn’t have it. She didn’t want to put me out of my own bed – especially since they really didn’t need to stay there anyway. There’s no way 2 people can sleep on the sofa together, but plenty of room for 2 in the bed. So we decided that Lily & I would share the bed while Kevin got the sofa. He doesn’t mind. It just makes it easier for him to watch TV at night after the rest of us are asleep – there’s no TV in the bedroom.

You’d think that might interfere with their sex life, but you’d be wrong. Very late Saturday night, Lily went out to the living room and I’m pretty sure they got it on. I was mostly asleep, so I might have dreamed the whole thing, but I think it happened. It seemed loud enough to be real.

I like having them here. I don’t care if they have sex on the sofa. As long as I’m asleep in the other room they’re not hurting anybody. They can even do it in the bed – as long as I’m somewhere else. I know if it was me & Ryan at someone else’s place we’d still do it if we could.

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