Sunday, August 19, 2012


I had a dream about the Simpsons last night. I think that’s weird because I never watch the Simpsons. We don’t get it here.

In my dream Homer was getting ready to go to work when Marge came out of the bathroom wearing a bright red chemise with matching red panties. It worked really well with her yellow skin and blue hair. When Homer saw her he started to drool on his tie.

Marge climbed onto the bed on all fours and Homer quickly tore his clothes off. He took Marge’s clothes off with his teeth while she rubbed his bald head. As soon as they were both naked he went down on her. Naturally she had a puffy blue crotch. While he was eating her out she screamed in that gravel Marge voice.

Homer gets tired and flops down on the bed. So Marge decides to blow him, but she has to find his cock first. It’s not very big and buried under a lot of fat. She eventually finds it and starts sucking away. Homer drools again, sprawled out on the bed while Marge goes to town.

Marge tries to mount Homer, but she can’t get at his cock with his giant stomach in the way. So they switch places and Homer gets on top of Marge. He starts to put it in but Marge can’t breathe with the weight of Homer on top of her. So they go for doggie style and Homer finally penetrates her.

Homer grabs Marge’s hips and pounds away while Marge looks kind of bored with it all. She sneezes and this excites Homer even more. He asks her to sneeze again and again until he comes. He flops back down and the bed as Marge gets up and leaves the bedroom.

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