Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryan in China Again part 3

Ryan finally got the internet connected. Doing it in China is nothing like doing it here. In Hong Kong we simply called the phone company and they did whatever they do. They had to send a guy to our apartment which I didn’t like because he was dirty – he actually left a greasy stain on the wall! But it was all pretty easy. In China Ryan had to go to some government office and get permission to have the internet. Can you believe that? In China it’s not a basic service – it’s a privilege!

Ryan and the band are living in a house owned by the guy who owns the club where they’re working. It’s a four story house, but Ryan says it’s not nearly as big as it sounds. He says there’s just barely enough room for everyone.

Since the house is in someone else’s name they had a hard time getting the internet. The government didn’t like that the names didn’t match and the owner didn’t want to go to the government office – probably for reasons I don’t want to know about. Somehow they got everything worked out.

After the government said he could have the internet, he had to wait for the internet company to turn it on. Apparently they don’t just flip a switch. Or if they do, they take their time doing it.

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