Monday, November 12, 2012

My China Trip part 4

Communist China wasn’t what I expected. When I landed at the airport I thought they’d give me a hard time for being American, but it was one of the easiest airport experiences I’ve ever had. I waited in a very small line at passport control – maybe because the flight arrived at midnight. It seemed like only people from my flight were there. I guess I’m just used to Hong Kong. The lines are never short – no matter what time you land. I handed the woman my passport, she looked at the visa, stamped it and sent me on my way. There were no questions – there was no talking at all. Maybe she doesn’t speak English. I expected to be stopped at the customs area, but they just stood there as I walked by. I guess they’ve seen enough Americans that I was nothing special.

When I walked out to the main lobby I saw Ryan right away. He was pretty easy to spot in a room full of little Chinese people.

We took a taxi to his house and went straight to his bedroom. Some of his roommates were home, but I wasn’t feeling very polite at the time. After 3 months without sex I was feeling nothing but horny. Ryan’s clothes were off as soon as he shut the bedroom door. I’ve never seen him get naked so quickly. I was going too slow so he helped me take my clothes off – more like tore my clothes off. Within a minute of walking in the house I was on the bed with Ryan on top of me. Seconds later he was finished, but I didn’t care. It just felt so good to finally have him inside me again. It also proved that he wasn’t sleeping around in China – not that I was worried about that. He was just as horny as I was.

We took a little break on his bed and he kissed every inch of my body. I can’t describe how good it felt after going so long without being touched in that way. It didn’t take long until Ryan was ready to go again – and this time it lasted a lot longer. I wanted to spend the rest of the week on that bed, but Ryan had to work that night and we had to get up to replenish our fluids anyway.

I went with Ryan to see his band play at the club they’ve been working in all this time. I was surprised by how small it was. You wouldn’t think a live band could fit in there, but somehow they did it. I didn’t like the club at all and the music was too loud for such a small space, but I was happy to be there watching my boyfriend do his thing. When they were done we all hung out for a little while. A couple of his bandmates have Chinese girlfriends now – I don’t know if their girlfriends in Hong Kong know about that. I was anxious to go back to the house and so was Ryan. We didn’t hang out at the club for very long – we had better things to do. We spent the rest of the night fucking our brains out while my ears were ringing from the loud music. I didn’t drink very much, but I felt drunk from the flight, noise & orgasms.


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