Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ryan’s Massage Day part 2

Ryan was comparing his massage experience to mine, but I pointed out that things in Hong Kong & China are sometimes very different. You’d think they’re the same country, but they’re really not. In some ways they might as well be different cultures. He was also a first time customer at a place he’d never been to before and I go to my place all the time. Everybody there recognizes me and I know most of their names.

He still seemed upset and eventually told me that the girl giving him his massage also gave him a hand job. He said it happened before he knew what was happening. When she was rubbing his legs while he was on his stomach her hands sometimes went a little higher than he expected, but he thought it was just an accident. With the towel on you can’t really tell where the legs end and the butt begins. When he was on his back she had the same accident, but it quickly went from accidentally touching his balls to full on grabbing his cock. He says he stopped her before it went too far, but I think it already went too far.

I was very upset when he told me about this, but the more I think about it the more I believe his side of the story. First of all, he doesn’t have a thing for Chinese girls. Lots of foreign men here do – maybe that’s why some of them come here – but Ryan doesn’t. He thinks all Chinese hookers have AIDS. Some of them must, but the way the Chinese government handles things, we’ll never know any real statistics.

Ryan’s a breast man and hates implants. He says they feel like rocks – even though he’s never actually felt any. I’m bigger than any natural Chinese girl. His Chinese is terrible. I guess that doesn’t matter with hookers, but Ryan likes to talk during sex and he’d hate knowing that the girl he’s talking to doesn’t understand a word he’s saying. He’s a man, so he thinks whatever he’s saying is important.

Secondly, he told me about it. He didn’t have to. I would have never found out. I’m not friends with his friends in China – and he’s kind of let go of his Hong Kong friendships. He could tell all of his bandmates in China and none of them would ever tell me. They’d probably all say “bros before hoes”, high five each other and scratch their crotches. If he’s cheating on me there’s no way he’d tell me about this.

I’m still upset that some Chinese whore touched my boyfriend’s cock, but I suppose it could have been worse. He felt very guilty about it and said he went home and took a long shower. He’s too paranoid about getting diseases from a hand job to cheat on me.

At least now I know why it was so expensive. A real massage in China probably costs a lot less. The next time he gets a massage, he’s going with me.


  1. In China, a 'rub n tug' is quite commonplace — most males expect it as a minimum, so I guess that's why the lady obliged without asking.

    Unless you select a blind masseuse, which are genuine.

    Not all hookers have AIDs, although it's not unheard of for uncapped blowjobs + fucking

  2. going for a massage and then getting your "middle leg" massaged too..must be a bonus!!! oohhh yeah 8-


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