Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bali Pictures part 2

Our private villa’s living room
We spent less time here than anywhere else
Except for one memorable night

Most of the bathroom was indoors, but the bathtub & shower were outdoors
We used the tub when we got a professional massage

Villa bedroom
I'll always remember this room

Villa living room

Villa bedroom

Our own private pool
We were in this pool morning, noon & night
It is almost the star of my book

The front door to our villa

Outdoor shower
I love this shower
There's just something about taking a shower outdoors

Usually when you see someone's vacation pictures you just see boring old pictures. I think anyone who reads my book will see them more like the way I see them. Maybe. I don't really know.


  1. Hi, The villa is gorgeous. May I have the name of the villa pls?

  2. good pics and nice hotel! :-)

  3. Wow you had the whole private villa for you ? amazing, should i say that that's the best accommodation you ever had?

  4. It's the best I've ever had on Bali. Especially since I've only been there once.


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