Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Agent

Life is really funny the way things work out. I went to a few auditions, I got a lot of rejections, I finally got a part, we filmed it & everything, and then it was cut. You might think this is a sad story, but today I got a call from an agent who wants to represent me. He knows one of the producers of the film I’m not in anymore and he saw my part. This isn’t exactly the big break I was hoping for, but it’s a million times better to have an agent than to go to all these auditions without one.

Without an agent I could only go to open auditions or I’d have to be invited by someone who knows someone who saw me do something somewhere. The odds were never in my favor. I got lucky and got into a few auditions, but only just a few. With an agent I have someone calling up producers and casting directors and trying to get me auditions that I never would have known about. I’m still competing with a million other girls who all probably have agents also, but at least now I’ll have more chances to compete. The more you try, the more likely you’ll succeed.


  1. I just read your book. Its good, you're not shy are you lol. but it should be in the erotica category not travel.

    1. I thought about that, but it's more a travel book with some erotic elements

  2. Good luck with your agent and hope he can open a few doors for you that will eventually land you that big break. For every part that you take an acting role, look at it as a stepping stone.
    Good luck and hope you will succeed..


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