Monday, May 13, 2013

New Neighbor part 4

In the daytime you can pretty much see my neighbor’s entire room, except where it turns a corner. I’m sure he can see all of mine in the daytime.

At night I can’t see him when his lights are off unless he’s standing right in front of the window. If the lights are on he has to be standing under the light or between the light and the window. If he’s standing behind the light you can kind of tell someone’s there, but you can’t really see anything. I assume it’s the same for me. The apartments are different, but light is light.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around me since I had just taken a shower. His lights were on so I could see him, but mine were off. I didn’t know if he could see me or not so I waited in the back of the room and watched him. He wasn’t looking at me – he was going about his business, so I went about mine. I could have easily put some clothes on, but not knowing whether he could see more or not was pretty interesting. I’m sure he couldn’t, but you never know.

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