Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cruise part 1

It’s been a full 3 months since our last vacation, so Ryan & I are going on a cruise. A friend of his works on a cruise ship and needs to take some time off for personal reasons. Ryan’s going to sub for him and I’m going along for the ride. It’s a cruise, why not?

The cruise goes from Shanghai – Xiamen – Hong Kong – Ho Chi Minh – Bangkok. None of those places would be my first choice – especially Hong Kong – but we almost went to Bangkok when we went to Bali, so I guess Bangkok’s getting another chance.

I’ll be on a regular 7 day cruise. Ryan will be on the ship for 10 days since he’s starting in the middle of the previous cruise. So I’ll get on the ship in Shanghai and he’ll get on in Hong Kong. That part is convenient since he can fly to Hong Kong early and we can spend some time together before the cruise. We haven’t seen each other since Bali, so it will be nice to get naked on dry land before we go on a giant boat.

We have about a million things to do and about a week to do them all.

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