Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hailey’s Nudist Diary

Nudist Cruise

I have another book out. Feel free to buy several copies. It’s not actually called “Hailey’s Nudist Diary”. The first one was Hailey’s Bali Diary because of the blog title. Both of those titles make sense. This blog is almost like my Hong Kong diary. At least that’s the way it started out. The first book is told almost in a diary form – almost.

The new book is a little different. There’s nothing diary about it. I didn’t want to put my name in the title. It just wouldn’t sound right.

Nudist Cruise isn’t the greatest title either, but at least you know what you get. It's about the cruise we took. I've mentioned it on this blog, but the book goes into far more detail.


  1. Very intriguing.

    Say, might I ask about the backstory of the cover?

    Looking forward to reading soon!

  2. The cover posted here is the original e-book version. I like it, but apparently there were some issues when it went to paperback. Now every version has the paperback cover, but I kept this one here because it's the one I'd use if it were up to me.


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