Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Cruise Ship

Taking pictures on the ship was discouraged, so these are official publicity shots. Most of these areas – except the casino – are featured in the book.

These pictures are probably a lot more interesting if you’ve read the book, so you should just buy it.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

The main lobby/shopping mall
This area was very crowded at the beginning of the cruise
And practically empty for the rest of it

We had more meals in the main restaurant
Than anywhere else on the ship
I thought we would eat at more of the other restaurants
We tried them, but always came back to this one

Some of the main pool area
We spent a lot of time here
The exercise pools are in the opposite direction

The ship had a few theaters
But this was the main one
It really was this red

This was a nice little quiet room most of the time
A good place to get away from the hustle & bustle
Except during the big bridge tournament
And when all the older people were out on the town

The Chinese restaurant looked like
Any banquet style Chinese restaurant
And nothing like the typical restaurant
That a billion Chinese people eat at every day
The food was pretty good
But Ryan never ate there

The ship was big enough for them
To give everyone a map when we checked in
But they still had directories
And maps all over the place

We spent almost no time in the casino
I don’t think I even mention it in the book
We looked at it and went on our way

The library was comfortable and almost always empty
And had a better variety of books than I expected

You really don’t get a sense of how big this boat is
Unless you see it in person
It’s hard to believe you’re on a boat
When you go up & down the elevators

This is just a publicity shot
But one of the shows had traditional dancers
Including some very good Thai dancers

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