Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Highlights part 2

Another great thing about staying in the big house is that it’s a lot bigger than my tiny apartment. I love Lily & Kevin to death, but 3 people in a 1 bedroom apartment is just too crowded. The big house has more than enough bedrooms and our own private bathroom for each of us. I can’t exaggerate how nice it is to have my own bathroom.

The living room of the big house is bigger than my entire apartment. Each of the private bathrooms is bigger than my apartment’s bathroom – and one is huge.

Each bedroom has more closet space than my entire apartment – which doesn’t say much. Hong Kong apartments aren’t known for their spacious closets.


  1. Hailey...I have your two books (and really enjoyed them)...How come the names of your friends in the books don't match up with your online diary?

  2. Thanks. People keep telling me they like the books, but the negative reviews on Amazon are growing all the time.

    I changed everyone's name to give them at least a little privacy. Once you put a book out, it's out there forever. You can never take it back. I can change or delete the blog at any time if I ever want to.


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