Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Highlights part 4

Another great thing about the big house is the kitchen. My apartment has a typical Hong Kong kitchen. It’s a sink and a very small counter up against a wall. There’s barely enough room for the toaster oven or rice cooker – and never both at the same time.

The big house has a western style kitchen with a real oven. It’s great. I can actually bake things like cookies and brownies. Have you ever tried to make brownies in a toaster oven? It doesn’t work.

It’s not that I’m a great baker – I’m not even close – but even mediocre homemade cookies are always better than boughten. Plus you get that fresh baked cookie smell in the house.

There’s also the issue of living with roommates. In the Hong Kong kitchen there’s barely enough space in the kitchen for more than one person at a time. If I’m in there making something, no one else can make anything at the same time. In the big house, you can fit a whole football team in that kitchen.

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