Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation part 1

It wasn’t really a vacation. I still went to work. It only seemed like it was a vacation while we were all at the Clear Water Bay house. Kevin’s boss goes away every summer and lets him look after the house. Lily & I also move in since there’s plenty of room. What made it even better was that Ryan was in town while his band had a short term engagement in Hong Kong.

We all stayed in the house the entire time Ryan was here. Now he’s back in Fuzhou. Lily & Kevin are still in the house full time and I’m staying there part time. At first I thought it wasn’t right to stay there without Ryan, but now I’m agreeing with Lily & Kevin. There’s really no reason not to stay there – other than it’s faster to get to work from my apartment – so I’m going to move back in. Summer isn’t over yet and there’s no reason I should act like it is just because Ryan went back to Fuzhou.

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