Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Typhoon Fitow

Ryan & I have been talking about seeing each other in China. He says it’s my turn to go to him since he came here a couple of months ago. Before that he came to Hong Kong for the cruise – but we also went to China on the cruise, so on that trip he came to me and I came to him.

He’s right about it being my turn. He took time off work and came to Hong Kong. Now I should go to Fuzhou.

Then there was Typhoon Usagi. It was supposed to be the biggest storm of the year and they said it was going to hit Hong Kong directly. Obviously that wasn’t going to be a good time to go to the airport. Usagi turned out to not be so big and it didn’t hit Hong Kong.

So we waited for that storm to come & go. I could always go to Fuzhou afterward.

Then there was Typhoon Fitow. It never posed a threat to Hong Kong, but it was headed straight for Fuzhou. It ended up hitting north of Fuzhou, but it still delayed flights and caused all the usual transportation problems.

Now there’s Typhoon Danas. It’s headed toward us, but it’s supposed to turn right and go to Japan. Sometimes these typhoons go where they’re supposed to go and sometimes they don’t. I don’t want to book a flight to Fuzhou only to have it cancelled because of some typhoon that didn’t do as it was told.

After Danas, who knows. It’s still typhoon season, so you never know when another one will show up. We usually have a few days’ warning, but it also takes a few days to book a flight. If I book something tomorrow, there could easily be another typhoon by the time I’m supposed to leave. If I wait, there probably will be another typhoon sooner or later.


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  2. lol is that Ryan in disguise?


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