Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas with the Family

Ryan came to Hong Kong for Christmas. It was my turn to go see him, but we decided he should come here. Mainland China isn’t the best place for Christmas. It’s just not an important holiday there. Hong Kong isn’t anything like home either, but it’s better than China.

Lily & Kevin were also feeling a little homesick during the holiday, so we decided to all spend the day together. All of our families are in the United States and Canada and going home to see them wasn’t going to happen this year. We are all the closest thing to family we have in Hong Kong, so it makes sense that we spend holidays together.

Since a one bedroom apartment is a little too small for 4 people – and since it was Christmas – we decided to splurge and go to a nice hotel. I don’t know whose idea it was originally. I think it was Kevin’s. Lily & Kevin talked about it and then brought it up to me. I told Ryan.

We went to the Auberge Discovery Bay on Siena Ave. It’s nowhere close to any MTR stops, but the hotel has shuttles to the airport, Disneyland and area attractions. This was more like a resort than a hotel. It looks a lot nicer than most Hong Kong hotels and has a full service spa, it’s on the beach and has several dining options besides the usual restaurant.

Lily & I had to work a lot around Christmas, so I suggested we go to a hotel close to Disneyland. That way we could all spend time together at a nice hotel and Lily & I could easily go to work when we had to. This one was very close. I’ve never gotten to work so quickly. Since it was at Discovery Bay, there was plenty for Ryan & Kevin to do. Discovery Bay is full of expats and vacationing foreigners, so they could hang out with other foreigners and talk about football and hamburgers – or whatever they talk about in bars. They probably talk about girls and their balls, but I prefer to think about it my way.

The hotel had plenty to eat & drink, a nice pool and the rooms had new TVs with more than enough channels and free internet. I don’t know why all hotels don’t have free internet. This was a great place for Ryan & Kevin to be lazy for a couple of days.

The Auberge Discovery Bay is an expensive hotel, but we got a Disneyland discount. That made it a lot cheaper, but that also meant we couldn’t book the best rooms. The more expensive rooms face the ocean and have great views of the bay. The discount rooms are in the back and face the mountain. They were still very nice rooms and the view wasn’t bad at all. The mountains on Lantau Island are pretty green. Our rooms were very large by Hong Kong standards and looked a lot nicer than most hotels here. It didn’t look anything like discount rooms. That’s the way any good hotel should be.

Since we weren’t in the city, we tried the hotel breakfast. If we’re in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island there’s no way we’re going to eat a hotel breakfast. There’s just too much food that’s a lot better in every direction. Here, we were away from the city and going out to get food took longer than just walking outside. The hotel’s not in the middle of nowhere, but it’s in an overpriced neighborhood where people who don’t like living in Hong Kong live. The breakfast was pretty good. It was still a hotel breakfast, but it wasn’t all microwaved food sitting under a heat lamp. It actually looked appetizing and some of it was made by chefs rather than short order cooks.

I don’t know if we’ll ever go to this hotel again, but I’m up for it.

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