Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hong Kong Smog

Hong Kong changed a lot after the British handover. Since then, Beijing has been exerting more and more influence on Hong Kong. The laws and rules are more Chinese than British. Cheaper Chinese paint and poisoned milk are more available than before. Now Beijing has increased their export of smog into Hong Kong.

Smog has always been a problem in Hong Kong. A trip up the Peak could get you great views of the harbor and Kowloon or great views of a giant sheet of dirt. It’s always been best to go up just after a typhoon. The air is much cleaner and everybody’s out shopping.

But it’s getting worse. When the wind comes in from the ocean, we get good days. When the wind comes in from the north, you can’t see your spring rolls in front of your face.

A fine day in Hong Kong

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