Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chinese Valentine’s Day

I went to see Ryan for Valentine’s Day. I went to China last month, so technically it was his turn to come to me, but we gave up taking turns a long time ago. Now we just go wherever makes the most sense at the time.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is actually in August. It’s called Qixi and 7/7 because it’s on the 7th day of the 7th month on the Chinese calendar. There’s also White Day in March, but I don’t think that one is as popular in China.

Our Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal in China, but all the hotels were still booked. I assumed it would be easy to get a hotel at the last minute in Fuzhou because it always is. Since the Chinese New Year is over, I thought everyone would go back to their usual routines. I don’t know if the hotels were full because of Valentine’s Day or for some other reason, but I had to stay at Ryan’s house. That’s never the ideal situation. He lives with too many guys and all of their Chinese girlfriends were there for Valentine’s Day. It’s a big enough house for 5 people, but when you add all the girlfriends, it gets a little crowded.

It was still a good trip. By staying at Ryan’s house, I saved some money. Fuzhou hotels aren’t that expensive, but free is still less than cheap. It’s colder in Fuzhou than Hong Kong, but it never got below zero. 10-15 is very cold to the locals, but we’re from Minnesota, so it was pretty mild to us. It rained a little on Saturday, but it was nothing serious. The weather overall was decent.

The main thing is that we got to spend time together. For Valentine’s Day that’s all that really matters.

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