Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Year, New Home part 3

We looked at an apartment in a famous building. Famous in Hong Kong, at least. I was surprised that it wasn’t more expensive since Chinese people prefer status symbols.

It was a nice apartment and had a lot of similar amenities as the Yau Ma Tei apartment. The kitchen was better in that one but the gym was better in this one. It didn’t have the big balcony, but it had huge windows with different views of the harbor. You have to pay extra for parking in this one, but that doesn’t matter to us since none of us has a car.

The main benefit as far as I’m concerned is that this one is more convenient as far as the MTR goes. The other one takes an extra train to get to work. This one would get me to work and the airport a lot easier.

We’ve only been looking for 3 months, so we’ll keep looking around, but I think either of these would be a nice place to live.

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