Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Year, New Home part 6

What I like most about the new apartment is the kitchen. Most Hong Kong apartments have no kitchens. They all claim to have a kitchen, but a sink against a wall isn’t my idea of a kitchen. The new expensive luxury apartments all have kitchens, but they’re also ridiculously overpriced. People in Hong Kong are more than happy to pay way too much for something if it gives them a sense of status. If a building is famous or it’s in the neighborhood that’s fashionable this week, they’re more than willing to pay twice as much as it’s worth. We found a few reasonably priced apartments with kitchens, but most were smaller than this one.

What Lily likes most about the new apartment is the gym. Newer apartments all seem to have gyms. Most of the older apartments don’t. I don’t know when they started putting gyms in Hong Kong apartments, but you can always tell when an apartment was built by the gym. The gym in our apartment is decent. It’s not like a club that you’d join, but for something that’s just downstairs, it’s pretty good. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, but it’s a nice option to have.

What Kevin likes most about the new apartment is the balcony. Most apartments in Hong Kong have balconies, but they’re usually very small. They all seem to have tiny laundry balconies that are just big enough for a washing machine and a little bit of space to hang your clothes out to dry. Our apartment has that, but it also has a real balcony outside the living room. It was the biggest balcony we saw in our entire apartment search. Even the new luxury apartments had smaller balconies – some didn’t even have any at all.

There was a building overlooking the harbor that had great views of the Hong Kong side, but they didn’t have any balconies. That seemed strange to me. They build something with this great view but don’t take advantage of it.

I don’t know how much time Kevin – or any of us – will spend on that balcony, but it’s nice to have. My old apartment only had the tiny laundry balcony which only had a view of the building next door. We can see plenty of other buildings from this one, but we can also see the harbor. Looking out the window and seeing water is a nice change of pace. Seeing anything besides other buildings is a luxury in Hong Kong.

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