Friday, April 11, 2014

Vacation to Somewhere part 2

Our short list is Amsterdam/Alkmaar, Scotland, Bangkok/Chiang Mai, Bali, Israel/Jordan. There are pros and cons of each.

The only downside to Amsterdam is that Ryan & I have been there, but we both liked it and we don’t mind going back. I really want to check out the cheese in Alkmaar, which is just outside Amsterdam. Lily wants to rent a houseboat, but I think if we go there we’ll just get nice hotel rooms or a suite.

Scotland is mostly my choice. My family was originally from Scotland and I know everything about our family tree – I’ve just never seen any of the places I’ve heard about. Kevin is a little interested in Scotland, but nobody else really cares. So we probably won’t go there. If we do, there’s a castle we can stay in.

Ryan & I have been to Bangkok and Kevin wants to go to Chiang Mai. If we do this one, we’ll fly into Bangkok, stay there for a few days and then go to Chiang Mai. I think this could be a pretty good trip, but going from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then back to Bangkok might be a hassle. There are flights from Hong Kong to Chiang Mai, but far more options to Bangkok.

Lily really wants to go to Bali. A lot of people seem to want to go there now and of course she heard all about our trip. One of the great things about Bali is that with 4 people we could get a very nice 5 star villa. I’d also like to see more of the island since we didn’t see much of it the first time.

I’d love to go to Israel and/or Jordan, but Ryan and Kevin have opposite opinions on all the political issues. I don’t care about any of that. I want to see the history, meet the people and eat the food. Lily thinks if we go there then we should spend equal time in each country. That way Ryan and Kevin can have equal time. That sounds fair, but I have no idea where to go in Jordan outside of the most obvious places. I also don’t know anything about hotels in Jordan – but I can figure it out. In Israel, I know that we can rent a house. I’d rather stay in a nice house than a hotel.

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