Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend in Xiamen part 5

Zhongshan Park is at the end of Zhongshan Road, so we already knew how to get there. Zhongshan Road is pretty easy to get to since it’s in the main tourist area of the island and it’s probably the most popular shopping street in the whole city.

Neither of us wanted to go back to Zhongshan Road, but I wanted to see the park. Ryan reluctantly agreed.

The park isn’t the most exciting place in the world, but it’s a nice clean place to take a walk and pretty much the opposite of Zhongshan Road. The shopping street is dirty, loud and very crowded. The park is clean, relatively quiet and almost empty – at least when we were there. It wasn’t really empty. There were probably hundreds of people there – but anything in China with less than a million people is empty.

The highlight of the trip for both of us was the grocery store. That might seem strange, but it’s really amazing how many American items this store has. People visiting from the United States wouldn’t care. It’s a very small store compared to American supermarkets. Since we live very far away from the United States and real American food is hard to find, this store was a blessing to us.

I liked one of the two Italian restaurants, but Ryan’s favorite food in Xiamen was pizza. Our hotel, aside from being in a good location, had a Papa John’s in the courtyard. They even delivered to our room.

It’s easy to find better pizza in Hong Kong. Pizza Express isn’t bad and Paisano’s is excellent. Ryan doesn’t have either in Fuzhou. His pizza choices are Pizza Hut and Chinese pizza. Frozen pizzas are better than Pizza Hut and Chinese pizza isn’t anything any Italian would recognize as pizza. The first time I saw a Chinese pizza, I asked someone what it was. They said it was pizza and I laughed. I thought they were joking.

The housekeeping staff at our hotel had to pick up a lot of pizza boxes.

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