Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tokyo Trip

Finding flights from Hong Kong to Tokyo is pretty easy. All the Japanese airlines go to Hong Kong. Most of the Chinese airlines go to Japan. A lot of other airlines go to both on their way back and forth to other places. Even a couple of American airlines go through both on their way to Seattle or San Francisco.

Our only challenge is that Ryan is in Fuzhou, not Hong Kong. We either need a flight that leaves late enough in the day for him to get here in time or he needs to come to Hong Kong the day before and spend the night. If he comes to Hong Kong the day before, that takes a day away from our trip. He can only take so many days off work. It’s a lot better for the rest of us if he comes to Hong Kong in the morning and we take an afternoon flight to Tokyo. That’s not so good for Ryan since it means he has to actually wake up before noon. The later he gets into Hong Kong, the later we get into Tokyo.

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