Thursday, July 24, 2014

Typhoon Matmo

It’s typhoon season once again. Japan got hit by a big one earlier this month. It weakened just before it hit Japan, so it wasn’t as bad as everyone thought it would be.

Right after that, Typhoon Rammasun slammed into the Philippines. They’ll probably see a dozen more large typhoons before the year is over.

Now we have Typhoon Matmo crashing through Taiwan and heading straight to Fuzhou. Since it went through Taiwan, it’s not supposed to be as big when it hits Fuzhou, but they’ll have plenty of rain and wind. Ryan has been hit by more typhoons in Fuzhou than we’ll ever see here in Hong Kong.

A lot of people died in Taiwan, but that was because of a plane crash. I don’t know why anyone would fly a plane in the middle of a typhoon. You’d think the people in charge would never let that happen. Taiwan must have some version of the FAA. They seriously dropped the ball.

A lot of people are criticizing Malaysia Airlines for flying over war zones, but flying in a typhoon has to be a million times worse. Flying 30,000 feet over a conflict is potentially dangerous, but the odds are nothing will ever touch your plane. Flying in a typhoon is like putting a loaded gun to your head and pulling the trigger.

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